Cameroon Traditions

With a diverse and rich culture made up of more than 200 indigenous populations, Cameroon is definitely one of the rarest countries in Africa, to have such a wide opening. It also has as many customs and languages of its own. The country consists of desert, forest, coastline, grass plains, rainforest and mountains. It is therefore no hazard, that it is nicknamed “Africa in miniature”. This geographic location contributes to its diversity, as well as its arts and crafts. Here are some information about the different crafts and arts pieces that are available in Cameroon.

Wood crafting

One of the most prominent craft in Cameroon is definitely Wood carvings. You will find several models, ranging from carved wooden birds, to chairs and other decors. They are mainly found in the Tikar, Bamileke and Bamoun cultures, which are renowned for their excellent works of carvings and craftings.


They are also a part of Cameroon’s typical arts and crafts. If you are looking for the perfect gift to offer, you will find a wide variety of these works in different parts of the country. They mostly represent royal reliquaries and can help you get immerged into a specific tribe’s tradition.


Pottery here is done with the use of fire. The different styles available vary through time and from place to place. This craft originates from the area around Foumban, the Bamoun people. The vessels created start with a circular slab base being formed and shaped into the wanted style.

The next step after all is one, is to fire the potteries, for them to dry. You will find several models that can be used as decoration or personal use.

Basket weaving

Basket weaving is also an integral part of the country’s custom and tradition. In the old, these decorative baskets were conceived to be offered as gifts for special occasions, such as harvest, marriages, birth, fertility, etc. As you can see, they represent prosperity in all aspects of life.

Calabash carving and painting

Calabash carving and painting is another great craft prominent in Cameroon. They are mostly use today for decorations, although these calabashes were once used as kitchen and cooking tools. Depending on the usage you want to make, these arts and crafts will surely fit in your house.

Bead working

Cameroon crafts are definitely one of the most creative one. They include Bead working and will surely love the final results. They are made up on calabashes, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Cloth is sewn here on the surface of the object to be decorated or beaded, and then the beads are sewn on top of the cloth on several times.

As you can see, Cameroon’s arts and crafts are one of the most varied and creative in Africa. You will surely find anything you are looking for, whether be it for decoration or something to wear. All of them are embodied in the people’s culture and available for everybody to admire and possess.