Customs Consulting

Customs Consulting

Increase your business potential through full utilization of free trade agreements, AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator) and more. These areas are not always considered when setting your future direction, but they can have a big impact on your performance. Our consulting business helps you pro-actively identify and execute on untapped possibilities as well as improved risk mitigation.

Discover the consulting products that can help you most:

Pre-Arrival Customs Diagnostic
A health check of your customs handling ahead of the upcoming. The diagnostic has a compliance focus. It assesses how compliant your operations are with regard to current legislation, which customs permits you currently have including their role and importance for your operations. It also makes an assessment of your business’ current customs competence and where in the organization this knowledge resides.

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Diagnostics and audits
A customs diagnostic provides an overview of how your business customs activities are handled. What is done well and what could be better or must be looked into. The outcome includes recommendations for additional compliance work. If you wish to go into more depth for a specific area, we also offer audits thereby providing you with insights and the opportunity to take corrective action prior to an official Customs Audit.