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Created in  1994 by three former high level government employees of the Cameroon Customs Service, Satco SARL is a Limited Liability Company (SARL) currently headquartered in Douala, Cameroon, next to the Camsuco Building.

Douala is the largest city in Central Africa. It is also the largest port in the region and one of the busiest international airports in the region. It is the commercial and economic capital of Cameroon and the entire CEMAC region comprising Gabon, Congo, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, CAR and Cameroon. Consequently, it handles most of the country's major exports, such as oil, cocoa, coffee, timber, metals and fruits. 

SATCO, SARL is led by a very experienced staff, who combines over 100 years of experience helping customers with their Customs needs in Cameroon. You will be in excellent hands, if you chose to work with us.

The company has recently modernized its operations to improve efficiency, reduce its time to resolution of customer requests and serve its customers better. These improvements have lead to the introduction of newer technologies and a well trained and professional staff.


What we do

Our business provide a large variety of services centered around the following:

  • Online assistance in processing of all your custom documents
  • Import and Export of all your goods as soon as they entered the port.
  • Advice and help on all issues related to the transport of your goods
  • Negotiate with various agencies on your behalf
  • Intervene for the transport of your goods
  • Ensure the storage of your goods is in good hands during its stay at the airport.

Andre Meli, Founder

Andre Meli is an experienced customs agent who worked for the Cameroon Customs for over 30 years.

Michel Ngniah, Founder

Michel Ngniah has over 35 years of  experience working in leadership capacities for the Cameroon Customs.

Michel Kouemo, Founder

Michel Kouemo is an experienced customs agent who worked for the Cameroon Customs for over 30 years.

Working with us

SATCO, SARL intends to  its website the main entry points to its customers. Their recruitment was done on very selective bases to meet the perpetual search vision of customer satisfaction with quality services. 

We would be delighted to be serve you and address all your needs, while you fulfill our .


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