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Make the most out of your business’s potential by taking advantage of our customs consulting services

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Move your goods more freely across and between borders with simplified handling.

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Get correct and efficient handling of your imports. Adapted to your operation and your needs.

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Get swift and accurate information about current regulations on exports. Adapted to your operation and your needs.

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This is for form processing


Cargo consolidation for export.

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In this section we will capture interviews from satisfied customers of SATCO, SARL. These are people who are willing to give an interview about their experience with SATCO.
Interviews are a very powerful way to have others vouch for your business.
Here are some of the reasons why we enjoyed working with Satco.
They are very professional in the way they approach their daily tasks. They provided me with a clear list of things to do and also talk to me about the pitfalls of this process.
In addition, they also involved me very early in this process and gave me all the things they needed to be ready.

Customer Interviews Bertrand Meli / President of the Cameroonian community in Stuttgart, Germany

Video Testimonials Daniel Fendji / President Cameroonians in Berlin, Germany

Last summer, we shipped a few cars from Baltimore, MD to Douala in Cameroon. We had never shipped a car to Cameroon before, and therefore we were very worried about the complexity of this transaction, when the ship was to arrive in Cameroon.
After many months at sea, the car finally arrived in Douala and we were informed by the shipping company that the car had arrived.
Someone in Douala was supposed to start the process of picking up the vehicle and try and take it to out of the …

Case Studies Marie Josee Ngambo, President of Bamboutos people in Canada

This is an example of a customer who is using social media to post some testimony about their experience working with SATCO SARL. It is very important to remain engaged in Social Media to be able to discuss with customers and address their pain points.

Customers social media posts Mr. Guy Koulla, CEO Sonara, Cameroon

Some of the very interesting quotes from customers , who are happy about using the services of SATCO SARL.

Satisfied customer quotes Henri Meli / Wouri web marketing solutions, LLC

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